What to put in a First Aid kit at work

Here are suggestions for what you should put in your First Aid kit at work. You should always conduct a risk assessment in line with the guidance issued by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), to ensure that the kit you assemble meets the needs of your particular work environment.

The first thing to consider is your first aid bag. With a suitable bag, all of your first aid equipment will be easy to find when you need it.

We recommend that you buy a first aid bag big enough to hold all of your first aid items comfortably and with separated compartments, and the St John Ambulance F30186 Zenith First Response Bag is the perfect first aid bag for doing this; it's lightweight and robust, holding your first aid items securely, and comes with a tough handle and detachable shoulder strap to withstand regular use and heavy contents and is made from ripstop polyester for durability and water resistance.

Once you have chosen your first aid bag, it's time to fill it with first aid items appropriate to the risks identified in your risk assessment. As a minimum we recommend these items:

2 x Ice Packs (this is a pack of 20)

2 x Foil Blankets (this is a pack of 6)

2 x Triangular Bandages (this is a pack of 10)

3 x Large Nitrile Gloves (bagged pair)

12 x Cleansing Wipes (this is a pack of 100)

1 x Hypoallergenic Tape (this is a pack of 12)

4 x XL Bandages (this is a pack of 20)

4 x Large Bandages (this is a pack of 20)

4 x Medium Bandages (this is a pack of 20)

4 x Small Bandages (this is a pack of 20)

1x Hypoallergenic plasters (assorted sizes)

1 x Pack of Wound Closures

1 x Fleece Blanket (single use)